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Justix GmbH

Justix is a company builder for international LegalTech businesses. We build companies that make the access to law more quick and easy by combining advanced technological...


Feb. 2017

Über Uns

Hi there! ;-) 


We are Justix


an international company builder for LegalTech businesses. We build companies which combine advanced technological capabilities with in-depth industry expertise, very large data sets and entrepreneurial execution. Our mission is to make legal simple & easy with great technology. 


Founded in February 2017 by experienced entrepreneurs and funded by a large family-owned industry leader, Justix grew very quickly into an international team of currently 40+ employees in Cologne (DE) and 60+ employees in Maastricht (NL).


Our venture HelloLaw already has already helped 100,000+ customers solve their legal issues and is now on the verge of going international in many more European countries. We have very ambitious goals and we enjoy working on them together as one team with as little hierarchy, vanity and boredom as possible.

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